Thursday, July 29, 2010

Name An Activity For Which People Wear Boots

Name Something Extra You Hate To Find In Your Carrot Cake

If You Dyed Your Hair, What Color Would You Hate For It To Turn Out?

7. White

Name Something You'd Hate To Find Your Date Wearing To The Symphony

Name Something More Difficult To Do When Driving A Car With Stick Shift

Aside From Other Movie Stars, Name A Common Profession For Move Star Spouses.

Name A Topic About Which People Start Rumors

At Which Place Would It Be Most Embarrassing To Have Your Date Wear Sweat Pants?

Name Something That A Person Has A Harder Time Remembering As They Get Old

Name Something That You Might Find Around A Pool

Tell Me An Excuse You'd Use To Avoid Singing At A Karaoke Club

Name Something A Parent Tries, To Get Their Baby To Sleep.